Dubai is a city of glamour. It’s a city that redefines luxury and a premium lifestyle. From the world’s tallest building to the world’s only and first 7-star hotel, Dubai is one of the world’s best cities for tourists. And desert safari Dubai is one of them. 

If you’re visiting Dubai for a vacation then make sure to visit the Dubai Desert tour. The Desert Safari Dubai is an all-in-one tour of Dubai’s Arabian desert where you’ll enjoy various activities. You can even desert safari Dubai online booking. However, what does desert safari include? Below is a detailed guide on it:

Desert Safari

The desert safari is basically a tour of the Dubai desert at the best safari Dubai price. It includes various activities including dune bashing, sand boarding, and dinner stuff. The purpose of this is to give you a thrilling and unique vibe of an Arabian desert. It includes:

  • Dune bashing 
  • Sandboarding
  • BBQ dinner
  • Pick and drop from the hotel
  • Dance performance by a girl in a mini skirt and braless bikini on Arabian song.
  • ARV bike ride

Dune Bashing

Here’s what our dune bashing includes:

  • Drive through the dunes.
  • Speed up to 45 kmph.
  • High-speed off-road driving.
  • Safety precautions on ATV: wearing a helmet and gloves, driving on a paved road, and taking your time when driving in order to avoid accidents or spills that could ruin your trip

Sand Boarding

Sandboarding is a great activity to do with your friends and family on a premium desert safari, as it allows you to experience the desert in a new way. You can go on a sandboarding trip with your family or just have some fun with friends. If you are looking for an exciting adventure during your Dubai Desert Safari, then this will be perfect!

You can also incorporate other activities into your trips such as camel rides or jeep tours through the dunes which give off an authentic feeling of what it would be like if we were still living in Africa.

Quad bike ride in desert

A quad bike ride in the evening Dubai desert safari is a great way to do dune bashing in your own driving style. The desert has plenty of activities for the whole family on ARV quad bike, and it’s also a perfect place for an adrenaline rush.

Camel ride

A Camel ride in desert safari Dubai is another great experience on a desert safari in Dubai. It is a unique experience to ride a camel through the rocky desert. This tour will take you to large dunes and then back to the camp. 

The camels are gentle, non-aggressive animals, and they will allow you to sit on top of them and enjoy the view. The camel ride in the desert will take you through the beautiful landscape of the desert with its red sand dunes.

Moreover, all our camels are trained to act friendly with humans, and they will not harm you in any way. Moreover, our guides will still be with you so if something goes wrong, they’ll handle the case.

BBQ Dinner

And in the end, after the tour ends, we offer BBQ dinner to our guests. We will take you to our dinner facility where you’ll enjoy a freshly cooked BBQ dinner with an item dance performance. The BBQ Dinner in desert safari Dubai booking consists of a 4-hour drive from Dubai to the campsite and then an overnight ride at the campsite with a full buffet meal.